selected publications by topic

Climate Governance

Caggiano, H., Landau, L. F., Campbell, L. K., Johnson, M. L., & Svendsen, E. S. (2022). Civic Stewardship and Urban Climate Governance: Opportunities for Transboundary Planning. Journal of Planning Education and Research.; Accepted Manuscript

Caggiano, H., & Landau, L. F. (2021). A new framework for imagining the climate commons? The case of a Green New Deal in the US. Planning Theory. [pre-print available on SSRN]

Household Food, Energy, & Water Conservation

Kumar, P., Caggiano, H., Cuite, C., Andrews, C.J., Felder, F., Shwom, R., Floress, K., Ahamed, S., Schelly, C. (2022). Behaving or not? Explaining energy conservation via identity, values, and awareness in U.S. suburban homes. Energy Research & Social Science, 92, 102805, ISSN 2214-6299.

Floress, K., Shwom, R., Caggiano, H., Slattery, J., Cuite, C., Schelly, C., Halvorsen, K., & Lytle, W. (2022). Habitual food, energy, and water consumption behaviors among adults in the United States: Comparing models of values, norms, and identity. Energy Research & Social Science85, 102396.

Caggiano, H. B., Kumar, P., Shwom, R., Cuite, C., & Axsen, J. (2021). Explaining green technology purchases by US and Canadian households: the role of pro-environmental lifestyles, values, and environmental concern. Energy Efficiency14(5), 1-16.

Berman*, H., Shwom, R., & Cuite, C. (2019). Becoming FEW conscious: A conceptual typology of household behavior change interventions targeting the food-energy-water (FEW) nexus. Sustainability11(18), 5034.

*Last name changed to Caggiano from Berman in 2020

Route 18 after Hurricane Ida. New Brunswick, New Jersey. August 2021